Matthias Müller

Bielefeld (Germany), 1961
He is an artist who works in film, video, installation and photography, and is one of the greatest exponents of appropriation cinema. He has participated with his works in some of the leading film festivals around the world (Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno), as well as in significant exhibitions, such as the retrospective dedicated to him by New York’s MoMA in 1994. Since 2003 he has been working as a professor at the Academy of Audiovisual Arts of Cologne. His films focus on the precision and intensity of the short film and "seamlessly combine fiction with documentary, filmed images and stock footage" to create a unique and universal dream vision. As a result of his visit to Xcèntric as part of the Xperimenta 2011 programme, the Xcèntric archive has incorporated a good part of his filmography.

Has participated in

Xcèntric Archive

24' 18''
Germany 2004
13' 30''
Germany 1994
25' 47''
Germany 2001
11' 51''
Germany 2001
13' 48''
Germany 2001
18' 32''
Germany 2003
13' 50''
Germany 1998
4' 05''
Germany 2004