Queer Films. Feedback. Disintegration

From the dreamlike landscapes of Matthias Müller to the surrealist delirium of David Domingo; from the nostalgia of Ming-Yuen S. Ma to the techno-beat militancy of Virginia Villaplana, and from the ironic intimism of Benning to the humour of Scheirl, Pürrer and Lossier, this programme is an example of the vitality and plurality of the queer aesthetic. They are all run through by an eccentric, anti-establishment sexuality that is the driving force of political struggle, generating impossible dreams and spaces, or as an indefinable yet powerful latency that transforms their setting and dislocates perspective, forcing us to adopt a different viewpoint, both inside and beyond the projection room.

Sleepy Haven
, Matthias Müller. 1993, 16 mm, 14 min.

Sniff, Ming-Yuen S. Ma. 1997, video, 5 min.

Slap the Gondola!, Marie Losier. 2009, 16 mm, 22 min.

Jollies, Sadie Benning. 1990, video, 12 min.

Retroalimentación, Virginia Villaplana. 1998, video, 4 min.

Red Cuts and the Space In-Between, Hans Scheirl and Ursula Pürrer. 1984, video, 3 min.

Girl Games, Hans Scheirl and Ursula Pürrer. 1985, video, 4 min.

La mansión acelerada, David Domingo. 1998, video, 5 min.

Rayos y centellas, David Domingo. 2003, video, 3 min.




17 January 2010
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