Filmmaker, painter and sculptor


The road which led Jakobois, like many experimental film-makers, to filmic expression was painting. This development he owes to a succession of encounters and personal choices rather than to a university or art school. He worked in the mediums of sculpture and painting since 1972, influenced by the writings of Jean Dubuffet and the work of Paul Klee, exploring the confluence between minimal art and gestural expression. His first encounters with experimental film date back to 1976, and occurred in the meeting places and specialised programmes which at the time proliferated on both banks of the Seine in Paris. He began with using the Super 8 medium, working autonomously as an “artist film maker”. His work has been seen in many film festivals as far as Rotterdam, London, Tokyo, Moscow and New York, including a major retrospective season of his films in Paris at the Centre Pompidou in 1988. He was a member of the group MétroBarbèsRochechou Art collective with Téo Hernandez, Michel Nedjar and Gaël Badaud.

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