Jean-Luc Godard

1930 (Paris, France) - 2022 (Rolle ,Switzerland)

During a quite disturbed adolescence, in which he manifests marked antisocial behaviour, he spends time in film clubs and the Film Library assiduously. Around 1950 he meets André Bazin and François Truffaut and begins his career as a film critic, writing in the Gazette du cinéma, and in the notebooks Cahiers du cinéma et Arts. He shot his first film, Opération Béton, a short film, in 1954, but it was in 1959-60 when he imposed himself, with A Bout de souffle, as the main thread of the movement that would be known as the Nouvelle Vague. A prolific and always original filmmaker, Godard becomes involved as a commentator disturbed by the social and political conflicts of the 60s and 70s. In the 70s he shot, in collaboration with Anne-Marie Mieville, experimental films for television. He died on 13 September 2022, at his home. His death was reported as an assisted suicide procedure. A family member said that "He was not sick, he was simply exhausted".

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