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With a dialogue of images and words between Jean-Luc Godard, Serge Daney and Elias Sanbar, the three films in this session address the meeting point between seeing and thinking, the place where thought draws us towards an image. 

Daney opposed the image to the visual, the film frame, because, among other things, an image always means otherness, a meeting with the other (“the predisposition for a meeting: that is cinema”, in Godard’s words). His lovely, intimate conversation with Sanbar —historian and collector of images— based on personal photographs is a meeting between two cultures, North and South, two stories that share the desire to talk. Puissance de la parole is one of Godard’s great essay films; taking as its starting point a short story by Poe, it blends the conversation of a couple, a cosmic discussion and images of nature, in a memorable sound montage with music by Bach, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Beethoven.

La preuve par Prince, Serge Daney, 1988, 6 min

Puissance de la parole, Jean-Luc Godard, 1988, 25 min

Conversation nord-sud, Daney/Sanbar, Simone Bitton y Catherine Poitevin, 1998, 46 min

O.V French - Subt. Catalan

Digital screenings.

15 March 2018


The Auditorium
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