The wonders of water

Cinema for all the family

“Cinema 3/99”, the CCCB’s family cinema proposal, presents a selection of eight short films for all audiences about water and its wonders.

The selected screenings take us on a journey to the wonders of waters, from magical pearl fish to mesmerizing jellyfish, with distorted lake views, drops of water on images, sky swimmers and collections of seashells. A feast of colours, forms, shapes and states that includes a piece specially created by Laura Rius Aran.


Korálková pohádka, Hermína Týrlová, Czechoslovakia, 1968, 8’

A poetic story in glass, where red fish fight yellow fish, until a bigger fish arrives and wants to eat them all!

Au bord du lac, Patrick Bokanowski, France, 1994, 6’

A day by the lake with its leisure activities, transformed by its reflection on a deformed stainless-steel tray, with a sound composition by Michèle Bokanowski.

La mar salada, Elena Duque, Spain, 2014, 3’

“Our love is blue, like the sea, blue” (Christian Castro). A film about the salty sea (Galician, particularly from A Coruña), with a medley of seafaring songs (from Asturias) by the Bajamar de Luanco Choir, remembered on the fly.

Terrestrial, Faith Johnson, United States, 2022, 5’

When we slow down, connect and listen, the magic of the natural world whispers to us. What magic do the earth and water share with you?

Shorelines, Al Jarnow, United States, 1977, 4’

A day at the beach with natural souvenirs (seashells, stones, sticks, seaweed) in hypnotic, gently pulsing animations of the shapes and textures of ocean life.

O sohno do sol (The dream of the sun), Florence Cha Cayron, Belgium, 2017, 5’

A collection of dreams about water, the sea, the sky, and a swimming pool where the stars meet the waves and bodies float in the water as well as in the air.

Chrysaora Colorata, Denise Batchelor, New Zealand, 2015, 3’

A mysterious sound and image portrait of a specific species of jellyfish, mostly found in the Monterey Bay (California, USA).

Eco, eco (Echo, echo) Laura Rius Aran, Spain, 2023, 4’

When a fair arrives on the shores of Lake Geneva, the snow on the mountains of the Alps starts to melt. In a montage guided by poetic associations, with gestures and movements that move and resonate between one plane and another, Eco, eco explores the intimate connection between humanity and nature.

Digital screening. Copy of Korálková pohádka from the Národní filmový archiv. Copies of Au bord du lac and La mar salada from the Collectif Jeune Cinéma. Copy of Chrysaora Colorata from CIRCUIT Artist Moving Image. Copies of Terrestrial, Shorelines, O sonho do sol and Eco, eco courtesy of their respective creators.

A programme by Marie-Pierre Bonniol, with contributions by Gloria Vilches.

23 and 24 September, 14 and 15 October, 25 and 26 November 2023

Saturdays: 17.00
Sundays: 11.00

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Free admission