45 films against the grain

In 2006, the CCCB celebrated the fifth anniversary of Xcentric, the Centre’s regular film and video programme, with three big events: the exhibition That´s not Entertainment! Cinema begets Cinema (from 22 December 2006 to 18 March 2007), the opening of the Xcentric Archive and the publication Xcèntric. 45 pel·lícules contra direcció.

This book brings together a selection of favourite landmark productions from the world of cinema beyond the commercial circuit, and provides a written and graphic reference work for our programme.

Films by:  Akerman, K. Anger, S. Beckett, S. Brakhage, A. Clarke, B. Conner, T. Conrad, G. Debord, R. Depardon, G. Deutsch, S. Dvortsevoi, J. Epstein, J. Eustache, O. Fischinger, H. Frampton, E. Gehr, Y. Gianikian and A. Ricci Lucci, J.L. Godard, J. Hill, F. Hubley, J. van der Keuken, L. Klahr, P. Kubelka, M. Le Grice, L. Lye, R. McElwee, J. Mekas, M. Menken, L. Moholy-Nagy, M. Müller, W. Nekes, A. Peletxian, S. Pitt, L. Rogosin, P. Sharits, J.A. Sistiaga, M. Snow, J.M. Straub and D. Huillet, J. Svankmajer, S. Terayama, P. Tscherkassky, J. Val del Omar, D. Vertov, A. Warhol, J. Whitney.