Illuminated Hours. Programme 2: Three Devotional Songs by Nathaniel Dorsky

This session forms part of a ten-programme cycle entitled Illuminated Hours. The devotional cinema of Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler, organised in collaboration with the Filmoteca de Catalunya and Zumzeig Cinema, including a large part of their respective filmographies. The screenings are accompanied by an installation by Nathaniel Dorsky and the publication of a book on the early days of cinema and shared life of these two filmmakers.

The aim of Nathaniel Dorsky's polyvalent montage is to make the film bloom in a perpetual present, opening up the heart of the viewer to the free unfolding of the images moment by moment, according to their own dramatic need and poetic intensity, detached from any narrative or descriptive development. This session will present his two "Devotional Songs" (Threnody, dedicated to the memory of Stan Brakhage, and The Visitation) and the last of his cinematic songs, Love's Refrain.

Love's Refrain, Nathaniel Dorsky, United States, 2000-2001, 16 mm, no sound, 22'.

Threnody, Nathaniel Dorsky, United States, 2003-2004, 16 mm, no sound, 20'.

The Visitation, Nathaniel Dorsky, United States, 2002, 16 mm, no sound, 18'.

Copies from Light Cone.

Other screenings from Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler will take place in Filmoteca de Catalunya and Zumzeig Cinema during this week. For further information:

16 January 2022


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