Blind Cinema

Blue, total blindness

Cine Ciego (Blind cinema) is a multidisciplinary project based on the essay of the same name by Marta Azparren (Libros de la resistencia, 2023). This cycle proposes four sessions of screenings of “blind” films that correspond to the four colours into which the project is divided: black, white, red and blue. Xcèntric hosts the final session, presented by Anna Manubens.

Marta Azparren’s Blind Cinema project explores the need for a visual interruption, a degree of blindness to counteract overexposure to images. From Black Square by Malevich to Blackout Tuesday on Instagram, it analyses how monochrome, the void and the pause are necessary to change the way images happen, how a dose of blindness is involved in each of the phases of the aesthetic experience, and how the absence of an image also awakens viewer consciousness.
Xcèntric hosts the session of the cycle dedicated to the colour blue. Blue, by Derek Jarman, is a blind film, made by a blind director, ill with an invisible virus that made those who suffered from it socially invisible. The session ends with Nathaniel Dorsky’s Pneuma, a screening of unexposed film, literally “blind cinema”. The Greek pneuma is breath and also soul; where contagion spreads, and where contemplation is achieved.



Blue, Derek Jarman, 1993, 80’, DCP, original version with Catalan subtitles.
Pneuma, Nathaniel Dorsky, 1983, 27', 16mm.

Blue copy from Basilisk Communications and Pneuma print from Ligtcone.
Session curated by Marta Azparren and presented by Anna Manubens.

Other screenings in the Cine ciego session: Filmoteca de Catalunya (white and red sessions) and Zumzeig (black session). Alongside the screenings, La Capella hosts activities, workshops, performances and installations around blindness, impaired vision and countervisual strategies.

29 September 2024


Access will not be allowed once the screening has started.

The Auditorium
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