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Xcèntric Archive

The Xcèntric Archive acquires new works for its catalogue with various films from the analog scene. Three generations of filmmakers take part in this community of surprising encounters, exchange of materials, shared knowledge, informal screenings and mutual influences. 

Vanitas: Sílvia, 2009, Albert Triviño, 3'

"A young woman throws bubbles in a landscape. The camera follows each bubble as it moves away, until it bursts, at which point we return to the woman. Each bubble is also a type of film in terms of its constituent material. Like celluloid, it's made of a translucent material through which the landscape's seen in a projection straight into the eye of the spectator" - Nicky Hamlyn

Villa Dionisia, 2003-2019, Juan Bufill, 5'56"

"Initially I wanted to make a portrait of a house (my grandmother Dionisia's house) and of places that, for me, evoked the idea of childhood and "summer holidays" in the mountains (Puigcerdà, Catalan Pyrenees). I soon realised that, by filming my children's childhood, I was also filming my own childhood and perhaps that of other people. The present was linked to the past and the tone was elegiac: the end of summer and the end of childhood". - Juan Bufill 

Trópico desvaído, 2016, Valentina Alvarado Matos, 6'10"

Trópico desvaído collapses various modes of representation to explore the transformative processes of geographical and ethnographic inquiry. Shot between Venezuela and Spain, Trópico Desvaído takes the form of a round trip based on brief observations of landscape and notebook-like exercises linked to the territory. - Valentina Alvarado Matos

Denkbilder, 2013, Pablo Marín, 5'

Fragments of a journey in which geographical exploration merges with small emotional outbursts, like the panels of a map folded in on themselves, impossible to separate. A concentration: Berlin, Buenos Aires and the chaotic possibilities of constructing something akin to a cartography of memory. - Pablo Marín

#006; #007; #008, 2021; 2021; 2022-23, Yonay Boix, 3'13"; 3'14";3'15" 

#006: Kodak Vision 3 200T camera-mounted reel, shot between December 2020 and April 2021. Waiting for Alexandra to arrive.

#007: Kodak Vision 3 50D camera-mounted reel, shot between June and December 2021. The first few months with Alexandra. Co-directed with Ariadna Onofri

#008: Kodak Vision 3 500T camera-mounted reel, filmed between May 2022 and February 2023. Alexandra starts to walk.

- Yonay Boix

Una película en color, 2019, Bruno Delgado Ramo, 27'36"

An exploration of a camera's spatial possibilities and the cinematographic and lighting possibilities of one's own room. Following the experience described by Xavier de Maistre in his Voyage autour de ma chambre (1794), the film is shot entirely inside a room, between the furnishings and the walls, between the window and the lens. In line with these spatial boundaries, it's also edited in camera, in the room. - Bruno Delgado Ramo

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Some of these films have been a part of the cycle Private Collection, which took plane in Xcèntric in 2023 and has had runs in cities like New York, Barcelona, Sevilla or Granada with the Lumière Assotiation.

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