Xcèntric Archive

Experimental films to enjoy with the family. 

Hen Hop, 4’ (Norman McLaren, 1942)

A hen is the protagonist of this movie made without a camera, directly drawn on the celluloid.


À la mode, 7’ (Stan Vanderbeek, 1959)

Animated cut-outs, collages and ink drawings on paper for a mockery about the world of fashion.


Cómo dibujar animales tristes, 4’34’’ (Laboratorium, 2009)

Fragments of found footage put together with written words create surprising effects.


A Colour Box, 4’ (Len Lye, 1936)

A dance of forms and colors.


Arabesque, 5’ (Marie Menken, 1961)

Visit the precious palaces and gardens of the Alhambra in Granada.


TV Ping Pong, 2’ (Ivan Galeta, 1978)

A ping-pong match as you have never seen one before.


Passage a l’Acte, 11’ (Martin Arnold, 1993)

An odd family breakfast where the parents and the children move and talk like a scratched record.


Super 8, 7’ (David Domingo, 1997)

TV Movies, toys, clouds and any kind of animated objects are furiously shaken as a filmic cocktail.

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