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This programme is based on Your Lost Memories, a transmedia project for the return of family memories in Super8 format, to enter the never-ending world of domestic films or home movies. It carries out a review of the evolution of the genre through its technological and moral development based on the most outstanding film-makers. The programme is structured into four thematic blocks: The Promise of Eternal Happiness, Home as Hell, Images vs. Experiences and Exhibitionism. It starts off with the most archaic of the home movies (the rhetoric of happiness in Super-8) to reach the most contemporary (exhibitionism in the YouTube era), raising such dilemmas as to what point our memory is more conditioned by these images that we record than by the real experience we have of things. In a world increasingly full of cameras and screens, saturated of copies without originals, what role will personal memory play? How will it be possible not to leave a record of certain moments, or claim the right to what has been forgotten?

Language: Spanish, English

Subtitles: Spanish

Duration: 30 min.

Script, production and editing: Ingrid Guardiola, Miguel Ángel Blanca

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