102. Cuerpos exquisitos / Exquisite Bodies

Identities and Desire in the Films of the Xcèntric Archive - Cloe Masotta

Image and analysis of the treatment of the body of films in the CCCB’s Xcèntric experimental film archive. The cinematographic works that make up this archive propose the existence of undocile bodies, of identities and desires of men and women who use the body as a space for ideological resistance. Experimental cinema is a tool for expression and configuration of the self, which displaces what is visual towards what is tactile. What the eye does not see, the retina can touch, in a type of perception resistant to the logos and that means that bodies are simply bodies, equalled by desire and stripped of all classification.  

“The CCCB’s Xcèntric Archive of experimental film can be conceived of and explored as an undisciplined archive of representations of the body, identity, and desire.”