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Natural histories, of animals and expeditions (for Joan Fontcuberta)

This session is designed to question the relations between humankind and nature, both with animals and natural space and other, unknown lands. The attraction of the unknown and the remote, of the incomprehensible yet familiar world of animals, addressed with tenderness or irony. A kind of tribute to the construction and destruction of myth, the disquiet and the charm in the work of photographer Joan Fontcuberta.

Attended by the programmer, Loïc Diaz Ronda, and Joan Fontcuberta.


Footprints, Bill Morrison. USA, 1992, 16 mm, 6 min.

The Bats, Jim Trainor. USA, 1998, 16 mm, 8 min.

C’mon Babe, Sharon Sandusky. USA, 1988, 16 mm, 11 min.

Swamp, Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson. USA, 1971, 16 mm, 6 min.

Hyas et sténorinques, Jean Painlevé. France, 1927, 16 mm, 13 min.

Science Friction, Stan Vanderbeek. USA, 1959, 16 mm, 10 min.

Historia Naturae (Suita), Jan Svankmajer. 1967, 9 min.

Crossing the Great Sagrada, Adrian Brunel. Great Britain, 1924, 16 mm, silent, 15 min.

Supermâché, aire de pique-nique, Laurent Sfar and Jean Guillaud. France, 2008, video, 14 min.


15 April 2010
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