Somewhere Between Here and Heaven. Bruce Baillie

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In the form of some of his most important films and the reading of correspondence with Stan Brakhage and Chick Strand, this programme explores the life and work of Bruce Baillie, founder and leading representative of San Francisco’s avant-garde cinema movement.

Bruce Baillie’s mission has always been to get beneath the surface to the spiritual essence of an increasingly alienated and confused world. Alongside his films, this programme includes a reading of letters written over the decades from a body of correspondence with two of his closest friends, Stan Brakhage and Chick Strand. Presented by the programmer, Garbiñe Ortega.

Roslyn Romance, Bruce Baillie,1977, 10 min
The Machine of Eden, Stan Brakhage,1970, 12 min, silent
Castro St, B. Baillie, 1966, 10 min
The Wonder Ring, S. Brakhage, 1959,6 min, silent
To Parsifal, B. Baillie,1963. 16 min
Valentin de las Sierras, B. Baillie, 1971, 10 min
Mass for Dakota Sioux, B. Baillie, 1964, 24 min
Angel Blue Sweet Wings, Chick Strand, 1966, 4 min
All my Life, B. Baillie,1966, 3 min.

[16 mm screening.]

19 April 2016


The Auditorium
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