Of the art portrait. A meeting of filmmakers: Pascale Bodet and Boris Lehman

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How does one film the other, in their work and in their personal space, in such a way as to reveal something of the artistic process? This programme proposes dialogue and complicit reflection between Pascale Bodet and Boris Lehman, one of the great portrait filmmakers.

Bodet portrays a gardener; Lehman, in Portrait du peintre dans son atelier, the cinematographic meeting of two gazes (his own and that of painter Arié Mandelbaum in his studio) and a voice (of singer Esther Lamandier), of music, painting and cinema; 20 years on, he completes it in diptych form with Un peintre sous surveillance, in which he once again films his friend: “What is painting? And what is a painter? (Which amounts to saying: what is a man?). How does one film a painting and, above all, the act of painting? And when I say ‘What is a painter?’, it is evidently a question that I am asking myself, that comes back to me like a ping-pong ball or a boomerang: what is a filmmaker and how does he film?” (Boris Lehman).

L’Art, Pascale Bodet, 2015, video, 52 min; Portrait du peintre dans son atelier, Boris Lehman, 1986, 16 mm, 40 min; Un peintre sous surveillance, Boris Lehman, 2007, 16 mm, 36 min.

Double session with the presence of Boris Lehman and Pascale Bodet. Moderated and translated by Antonio Trullén.

Boris Lehman screenings continue on Monday 8th, at 7.30pm, at NOOK Association (c/ Nou de la Rambla, 143).

7 February 2016


The Auditorium
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