Cinema for all the family

“Cinema 3/99”. the CCCB's new family cinema proposal, presents a selection of nine short films for all audiences about the relationship between music and images.

The selected screenings take us on a journey to explore music in multiple aspects, whether it is geometric representations, technical demonstrations, games on sounds, in playgrounds, drawn animations or improvisations. A program that invites, in turn, to create with shapes and sounds! It includes a specially created piece by the artist Carlos Vasquez Méndez.


Origin of flowers, Yuri Muraoka, Japan, 2008, 6’
This film is dedicated by the filmmaker to her two daughters. The reason why she created this film is because she wanted to show them "the magic" that their favorite teddy bear can create. With cakes, piano and cut-up!

Comme le canard, Damien Tran, France, 2021, 3’
A childish ritornello that experiments with piano sounds, a rhythmic and melodic march, joyful and mysterious at the same time.

Playground, Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol, United States/Germany, 2022, 2’
How to make electronic music at the playground? On a sunny Sunday in New York, a mother and a son produce a handmade music handbook on the fly, assembling images into collections of bizarre rhythms.

Synchronisation of Metronomes, produced by Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations and directed by Allen Crockett, United States,
2010, 2’
Five metronomes are set to 176 bpm and placed on a Foam Core board. When empty cans are placed underneath, the board is free to move from side to side and the metronomes are able to influence each other into synchronization.

Legerdemain, Carlos Vásquez Méndez, Spain, 2023, 4'
Legerdemain is made up of sound essays produced by the fingers of one hand touching surfaces, pressing buttons and activating everyday devices following a time cycle of 56 beats per minute.

Spring City, Jeff Scher, United-States, 2011, 2'
Spring is there! The days are longer and softer. Flowers are opening, the birds are back and the courting season has begun in earnest. Spring's sprung and New York City is giddy with it. A very special mambo dance.

Train of Thought, Jonathan Hodgson, United Kingdom, 1985, 3’
A semi-abstract animated stream of consciousness, full of playful and hand painted forms. The filmmaker did the soundtrack as well as doing the animation.

Music for one Apartment and Six Drummers, Six Drummers, United Kingdom, 2009, 9’
As an elderly couple leaves their suburban apartment, six drummers take over for a domestic musical performance. On everyday objects, they give a concert in four movements: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Living Room. The musicians use everything from dog dishes to slippers to toilet brushes to microwave ovens. The music hidden in the household objects that was just waiting to be brought out is revealed.

Katachi, Kijek/Adamski, Poland, 2013, 3’
"Katachi" means "shape". Official music video made for Shugo Tokumaru with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter.

A programme by Marie-Pierre Bonniol, with contributions from Marion Orel and Gloria Vilches

4 and 5 March, 8 and 9 April, 27 and 28 May 2023

Saturdays: 17.00
Sundays: 11.00

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Free admission