Dreams and memory of the Balcans

It is now more than a decade since the Balkan War ended. With the passing years, the disaster has been diluted into the river of collective historic memory, and the multiple registers and interpretations of events, along with those of its causes and consequences, have been laid down in the form of posits of information, always fragmented, partial and biased. This film delves into the subconscious of two archetypes of any conflict, the aggressor and the victim, entering their respective nightmares to convey, in this dreamlike state, the psychological effects still latent in the consciousness of many inhabitants of former Yugoslavia, and to participate in their slow, post-traumatic awakening. This is the first full-length film by Dionís Escorsa, a Catalan video creator based in Berlin.

"Y" / Spain-Serbia / 2012 / 84 min / Black & White / Original recording format: XDCam Cinealta / Languages: serbian & catalan / Subtitles in catalan

25 April 2013
The Auditorium
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