Aula Xcèntric'10

In recent years, the presence of the cinema in museums has greatly extended and diversified, making it necessary once again to conceive of the cinema in terms of artistic tradition and other spaces of creation and exhibition. However, there is still a divide between the two fields, and the film and video works of great artists are little known to the cinema tradition. The aim of this seminar is to build bridges between film and art, in the conviction that the relation between the two spaces is producing some of the most important visual creations of our time.

The course consists of a programme of lectures, dialogues, screenings and a creative workshop, and is conceived as a series of exchanges between artists, filmmakers, curators, critics and teachers in the two fields. The main hypothesis is that the relation between cinema and art, full of discoveries and inventions, is there to be explored, at an extraordinary time to be open to multiple possibilities and uncertainties. The course sets out to explore the many things to be discovered, debated, experimented with and seen in screened images.

The exhibition gallery offers the cinema new forms: it is a very different space architecturally and socially to the cinema, and therefore presents many and varied developments in space and time, and new deals with the spectator. At some point in recent years, the space of film has ceased to be solely that of the cinema, addressing new screens, places and supports. One of the core themes of the Xcèntric Workshop 2010 is to use the confluences between film, painting and other visual arts as a departure point to show how some filmmakers have produced exhibitions, and how artists have appropriated and rediscovered cinema or worked with video.

With its programme of screenings and classes, the Workshop represents an exploration and sensitization of these other forms of cinema and artistic traditions. To this end, throughout the course a creative workshop will be organized in which participants can make a short film on the basis of an exhibition project. In the practical seminars, the products will be commented on in the making and shared as collective workshop material. At the end of the Workshop, the shorts will be incorporated into the Xcèntric Archive.

THEORY-BASED SEMINARS (from 7 to 9 p.m.)

Tuesday 13.04.10

Chus Martínez
Between Art and Cinema: New Forms of Thought

Wednesday 14.04.10

Carles Guerra
The Spectator as Producer

Thursday 15.04.10

Perejaume / Isaki Lacuesta
Artists’ Films / Filming Artists

Tuesday 20.04.10

Eugeni Bonet
Flooding the Screen

8 p.m. Screening of Tira tú reloj al agua (Variaciones sobre una cinegrafía intuida de José Val del Omar) (Eugeni Bonet, 2003-4, 91 min.)

Tuesday 27.04.10

Eulàlia Valldosera
Private Space, Public Space

Wednesday 28.04.10

Thinking Among Images. Screenings of shorts and excerpts from films by Dan Graham, Warhol, Baldessari, Beckett, Broodthaers, Godard, Farocki, Marker, Tacita Dean, Rodney Graham and Robert Smithson, with comments by Gonzalo de Lucas

Thursday 29.04.10

Screening of the unreleased film Erice-Kiarostami. Correspondencias (Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami, 2010, 96 min.). Introduction by Jordi Balló

Tuesday 04.05.10

Paul Young
Art Cinema

Tuesday 11.05.10

Andrés Hispano
The Cinema Exposed

Friday 14.05.10

José Luis Guerin
Painting and Film


PRACTICAL SEMINARS (6 to 9 p.m.) by Núria Esquerra and Gonzalo de Lucas

Wednesday 21 April
. Group A

Thursday 22 April. Group B

Wednesday 5 May. Group A

Thursday 6 May. Group B

Wednesday 12 May: Group A

Viewing of and comments on shorts

Thursday 13 May: Group B

Viewing of and comments on shorts

The creation of short films is optional, but all participants can take part in the practical seminar, during which the various projects and pieces will be commented on. For the editing process, participants will require access to a computer with an editing programme (Premiere, Final Cut, Avid or similar).



During “Loop Barcelona. Video Art Festival & Fair 2010”, which will be taking place from 12 to 22 May, collaboration activities will be set up to enable students to visit production centres in Barcelona and Festival venues, and the exhibition “Remote Viewing: The Best of Loop. New Video Art from Europe and America” (CASM), curated by Paul Young.



During the course, the participants will be invited to attend a series of Xcèntric screenings, alongside the Workshop.

Thursday 08.04.10 / 8 p.m.

Jukebox Cinema. Images at 33 rpm

Sunday 11.04.10 / 6.30 p.m.

Mysterious Objects: Shorts and Videos by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Tuesday 13.04.10 / 8 p.m.

Tribute to Iván Zulueta

Coming soon in this cinema (The Super-8s of Iván Zulueta)

Thursday 15.04.10 / 8 p.m.

Welcome to the Secret Society II. Natural Histories, of Animals and Expeditions (for Joan Fontcuberta)

Attended by Joan Fontcuberta and Loïc Díaz-Ronda

Thursday 22.04.10 / 8 p.m.

Sounds Brilliant. From Sounds to Images

Thursday 29.04.10 / 8 p.m.

PLAY. The films of Duncan Campbell

Sunday 16.05.10 / 6.30 p.m.

Painting - Movement

Thursday 03.06.10 / 8 p.m.

Art Conceives of Film I

Sunday 06.06.10 / 6.30 p.m.

Art Conceives of Film II

Thursday 24.06.10 / 8 p.m.

Art Conceives of Film III

Sunday 30.06.10 / 8 p.m.

Closing session. Jennifer Reeves
Double 16-mm projection, with the presence of the artist.

13 April - 14 May 2010