Experimental animation filmmaker

Richard Reeves

Richard is a kinetic film scratcher, visual music maker, animated traveller of time and space, light sensitive, spinner of zoetrope's, looper of loops and collector of projection bulbs for enlightenment. He is best known for creating animations by drawing both sound and picture directly onto film and has produced award winning films that have screened around the world. He is an honorary member of the Quickdraw Animation Society and previously worked at QAS as Film Production Coordinator. He mentored workshops at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School for 10 years and taught animation courses across Canada, Europe and South America. Richard has collaborated with artists often involving dancing human projection screens, interactive animation installations, online animation jams and large outdoor projections. He has attended Artist in Residence programs at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Colombia and Iris Film Collective in Vancouver BC. Richard continues to explore animation as a visual music time and space art form.



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