Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa

Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa was born in Córdoba, Veracruz. She graduated from "San Carlos," the National School of Fine Arts at UNAM, now FAD, where she started as an animator. She took specialized courses in scriptwriting, animation, and art direction. She was part of the Colectivo Cine Mujer. She has created works in documentary, animation, and art direction in film. She has been involved in directing the art or costume department and production design. She won the Ariel for art direction with "Perfume de Violetas." On television, she has been involved in directing and producing animation for Disney Channel. She has published works as an illustrator for publishers such as CONAFE, CONAPRED. She is part of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores. The learning within animation was reflected in the publication of her book "Guía para los Animado, Animación tradicional con ayuda de herramientas digitales." She directed the short films "¿Y si eres mujer?" and "Niño de mis ojos." She ventured into documentary with "La Primera Sonrisa," a feature-length documentary about Mexican midwifery and respectful childbirth. She is currently promoting the release of her latest documentary feature "Mi Piel Oculta," which explores the bodily history of four women and a young trans person, beyond the feminine and the masculine. It is an encounter with otherness where shared experiences emerge, confronting us with beauty, prejudices, stereotypes, and the violence they face. Her films have participated in the official selection at various international festivals such as Annecy and Toulouse (France), Rio de Janeiro, Huelva, and Madrid, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Morelia, as well as national festivals such as Ambulante DOCSMX and Guanajuato, among others. Her projects integrate the different experiences to which she has dedicated herself in search of her own artistic expression, directing and creating animation and documentary, always linked to children, women, and education in values and rights.

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