Visual artist

Gonzalo Egurza

He graduated at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires where he studied film direction. He works as a professor at Universidad del Cine and Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. He is a founder and member of the collective ARKHÉ, which studies audiovisual practices with the intention of building spaces for reflection and visualization of emerging productions; as well as through the workshops, clinics and seminars that allow rethinking audiovisual teaching as an open field of exploration linked to the sphere of production that questions the complex link between practice and theory.

His artistic production in Film, Video and Multimedia, focuses on research as a process of creation, where he rehearses reflections on the family archive, the found footage, tradition, socio-political processes and the history of cinema.

He also works as a producer of CONTINENTE: A workspace created in the Electronic Arts School of the National University of Tres de Febrero.

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