experimental filmmaker

Chris Gallagher

Chris Gallagher, lives in Vancouver and attended The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University and taught film at the University of Regina during the eighties and at The University of British Columbia for many years. His work examines philosophical paradoxes and contradictions by applying structural strategies to events as a means to reformulate linear experience to propose aberrant understandings of familiar assumptions. His film Time Being, essentially 88 one-minute films on time, examines our intimate and intuitive sense, but elusive understanding, of time a theme also found in Seeing in the Rain, Terminal City, Atmosphere, Undivided Attention and Where is Memory. Atmosphere and Undivided Attention played many festivals and received awards at a number. Terminal City was acquired by Centre Pompidou and Seeing in the Rain and Mirage were recently part of Die Leidenschaften Ein Drama in 5 Akten of the Deutsches Hyginen-Museum and his films are available through the CFMDC, Moving Images and Light Cone.

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