Amy Halpern

Amy Halpern’s (1952-2022) films are abstract in their concern with light, movement and the film medium, but they are also human in their elements and themes. The idea which persists throughout her work is that liberation — from social, political, psychological, perceptual and even bodily constraints, – is indeed possible.

Committed to encouraging a wider awareness of abstract film, Halpern co-founded two screening cooperatives: the New York Collective for Living Cinema (1972-1982) and the Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis (1975-1980). 

Halpern collaborated as cinematographer and gaffer on many films, including Pat O’Neill’s THE DECAY OF FICTION, Charles Burnett’s MY BROTHER’S WEDDING and David Lebrun’s BREAKING THE MAYA CODE and the newly completed DANCE OF THE MAIZE GOD (aka OUT OF THE MAYA TOMBS). Halpern worked in the 1970s with Ken &Flo Jacob’s NEW YORK APPARITION THEATER, a 3D shadowplay company.

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