The Manipulated Experience

Xcèntric Archive

Experimental animator Jodie Mack has chosen from our film archive a series of films that employ heavy use of the hand to invigorate the language of cinema, revealing temporal portrayals of life, hope, and memory.

Len Lye: Rainbow Dance (1936, 4m)

An electric dance celebrating the promise of wealth and the possibility of saving money at the Post Office Savings Bank.

Frank and Caroline Mouris: Frank Film (1973, 10m)

A rapid-fire portrait of a life-thus-far made strictly with cut-outs culled from advertisements.

Rose Lowder: Bouquets 1-10 (1994-1995, 11m33s)

A stroboscopic weave fusing the experience of the mind, the eyes, and the apparatus.

Maria Lassnig: Kantate (1992, 8m)

Humor and visual dynamism combine in this animated musical autobiography in 14-parts.

Naomi Uman: Hand Eye Coordination (2002, 10' )

This meticulous exploration in cameraless technique flutters before our eyes to the sound of its own making.

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