Xcèntric Focus

Naomi Uman. «Unnamed Film» and «Kalendar» per Marga Almirall

May 2022

The filmmaker Marga Almirall presents Unnamed Film and Kalendar, two films made by the US artist, Naomi Uman, on her arrival in Ukraine, where she lived for ten years. In Unnamed Film, the cineaste uses 16 mm film to document the daily lives of the inhabitants of the small town of Legedzine, while in Kalendar she tackles the process of learning a language, Ukrainian, through the different months of the year. Both films focus on everyday events, on what is apparently trivial, but they reflect the filmmaker's fascination for the country that took her in, and it's especially moving to see them given the current war in Ukraine.

Unnamed Film, Naomi Uman, Ukraine, 2008, 16 mm, 55 min

Kalendar, Naomi Uman, Ukraine, 2008, 16 mm, 11 min

These films were available until 31 May 2022. Digital copies courtesy of Naomi Uman.

Special thanks to the Catalan Association of Film Criticism and Writing (ACCEC). Xcèntric Focus header clip fragment courtesy of Laida Lertxundi (Farce Sensationelle, 2009).