Santiago Álvarez: assembly revolutions

Variations on the Real

Santiago Álvarez, in a state or urgency and rage, transformed -"my style is the style of hatred for imperialism"-, the news of the Cuban revolution into innovating assemblies which, between the lyricism, collage, propaganda and ferocity of the documents and archives (Luther King, J.F. Kennedy, Castro, Ho Chi Minh), show the history of the North American imperialism that nobody showed: Vietnam, the struggle for civil rights... The intensity of his cinema is that of revolution: highly admired by Godard, Álvarez, like Vertov, demonstrated that to show revolutionary ideas it was necessary to revolutionise the cinema.

Now, Santiago Álvarez, Cuban Republic, 1965. 6', 35 mm
Hasta la victoria siempre, Santiago Álvarez, Cuban Republic, 1967. 20', 35 mm
Hanoi, martes 13. Santiago Álvarez, Cuban Republic, 1967. 34', 35 mm
79 primaveras, Santiago Álvarez, Cuban Republic, 1969. 20', 35 mm
LBJ, Santiago Álvarez, Cuban Republic, 1968. 18', 35 mm


13 January 2008
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