Outside the format: Fluxus

The Fluxus movement, informally organized by Georges Maciunas, came into being between 1961 and 1962. With its origins in Dadaism and centring round the figure of John Cage, it combines music, the plastic and visual arts, literature and performance art. These two sessions present the most comprehensive anthology of the Fluxus films, comprising pieces of very varied duration made between 1963 and 1970 by such disparate artists as Nam June Paik, Maciunas himself, John Cavanaugh, Yoko Ono, Robert Watts and Paul Sharits. The films can be seen as explorations of art, creation, material, time and, most especially, the cinematographic image itself, and also represent an exceptional sample of a movement which, though denying its historicity, can be seen as the last major avant-garde manifestation of the 20th century. “Fluxus existed before it was given a name and still exists today, as a form, a principle and a way of working” (Dick Higgins).



Fluxfilm No. 1: Zen For Film (1964), Nam June Paik

Fluxfilm No. 2: Invocation of Canyons and Boulders (1966), Dick Higgins

Fluxfilm No. 3: End After 9 (1966), George Maciunas

Fluxfilm No. 4: Disappearing Music For Face (1966), Chieko Shiomi

Fluxfilm No. 5: Blink (1966), John Cavanaugh

Fluxfilm No. 6: 9 Minutes (1966), James Riddle

Fluxfilm No. 7: 10 Feet (1966), George Maciunas

Fluxfilm No. 8: 1000 Frames (c. 1966), George Maciunas

Fluxfilm No. 9: Eyeblink (1966), Yoko Ono

Fluxfilm No. 10: ENTRANCE to EXIT (1966), George Brecht

Fluxfilm No. 11: Trace #22, Robert Watts

Fluxfilm No. 12: Trace No. 23 (1966), Robert Watts

Fluxfilm No. 13: Trace No. 24 (1966), Robert Watts

Fluxfilm No. 14: One (1966), Yoko Ono

Fluxfilm No. 15: Eye Blink (1966), Yoko Ono



13 December 2009
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