L.A. Plays Itself

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Fred Halsted

L.A. Plays Itself, Fred Halsted’s first feature, opens this series of sessions in the framework of the exhibition "1.000 m2 of Desire. Architecture and Sexuality". Made in 1972, the film traces a route around the cruising areas of the city of Los Angeles. The session is completed by one of Halsted’s shorts, Sex Garage.

Along with other films in the early seventies, like Deep Throat or Boys in the Sand, L.A. Plays Itself is a formal erotic adventure without the stereotypes that later came to the fore in pornographic cinema, at the same time making homosexual pornography accessible to heterosexual viewers. With an approach close to the proposals of experimental film, Halsted places sexual encounters on the same level as suburban landscapes and social reflections. All of these elements interact irremediably, in such a way that one cannot be understood without the other. Even interior spaces, without us realising at first glance or being able to avoid it, exert the violence of the everyday.

Sex Garage, 1972, 35 min; L.A. Plays Itself, 1972, 51 min.

Video screening. 18 years and over.

Thanks to: William E. Jones.


12 February 2017


The Auditorium
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4 € / 3 € Concessions

5-session pass: 15 € / 12 € Concessions

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