Expanded Home Movies

In collaboration with Xcèntric, L'Alternativa Festival proposes a theoretical and practical film projection workshop realised by the filmmaker and anthropologist Adriana Vila Guevara, professor of documentary and experimental film and co-founder of the analog and independent film laboratory Crater-Lab. Participants will learn to question the value and possibilities of artistic use of found footage in super-8 and 16 mm.

This workshop by Adriana Vila Guevara invites participants to meet a series of nameless ghosts from the past as part of a voyeuristic exorcism that explores the line between preserving the past and creating anew. Found footage is plundered to create an extrasensory conversion of the remnants of other lives, an appropriating ceremony combining contemplation, reinvention and hands-on filmmaking.

Shot by amateur filmmakers from all over the world across the decades, this orphaned archive material has been left to its own fate, bereft of anyone willing or able to preserve it or give it a new meaning or purpose. But these rejected, forgotten and cast-aside home movies are a treasure trove of historical and anthropological secrets that reveal the value of collective memories made up out of a wealth of private details, as well as a rich mine of powerful and inspirational material for contemporary filmmakers to breathe new life into.

After a reflective introduction and debate on these issues, this eminently practical workshop gets participants to question the artistic value and potential of found footage of super-8 and 16 mm home movies. We'll carry out a process of conceptual and formal analysis of a series of found reels of these film formats and then create a piece of expanded cinema using multiple projectors to preserve the original material while at the same time giving free rein to a range of forms of collective intervention.


This workshop is aimed at students and artists from different fields and backgrounds, together with anyone and everyone eager to get a firsthand insight into creative filmmaking processes. Participants will be provided with all the necessary materials and are not required to have any specific expertise or prior experience.


The results of the workshop will be screened as part of a collective multiscreening performed by the participants in L'Alternativa Film Festival on Sunday 21 November at 6-7 pm (Sala Raval, CCCB).

Workshop co-produced between Xcèntric and L'Alternativa, with the collaboration of Red de Cine Doméstico, Boogaloo Films and Zumzeig Cooperativa.

20 and 21 November 2021

Saturday 11am-2 pm and 3.30- 7.30 pm

Sunsday 11am-2pm and 3-5pm

Xcèntric Archive
Admission fee

€ 40


Registration limited to 12 participants in each group.