Desktop Films: Overcoming Visual Chaos

Xcèntric, the CCCB's cinema

Today, a sector of the world’s population uses audiovisual language as an everyday form of personal expression. In the same way that text exploded with blogs, and photographs with photo blogs, moving image is now having its moment with Internet’s video platforms. Absolutely normal people making... audiovisuals? Films? Amateur cinema? It is difficult to categorise the vast amount of recorded material available on the internet. It is an infinite ocean of images, with a multitude of different paths, from direct cinema clippings to complex remixes, via television formats and private diaries, all wrapped up in a highly interactive component. This post-cinematographic world raises a crucial question for any filmmaker, at a time when professional and amateur tools are separated by increasingly blurred borders. How to represent, film or portray human beings who are starting to do it themselves?

On the occasion of International Museum Day, free admission until full capacity.

Smells like YouTube Spirit, Dadadata, 2010, 6 min; Fun at Work, Vanesa Castro and Iñaki López, 2007, 6 min; A Short Film about War, Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead, 2010, 10 min; Buck Fever, Neozoon Collective, 2012, 6 min; Unboxing Eden, Neozoon Collective, 2013, 5 min; MY BBY 8L3W, Neozoon Collective, 2014, 3 min; Bind, Flor Aliberti, 2'55'' min; Packers, Flor Aliberti, 3min; Coming out, Flor Aliberti, 4'15'' min; Sedated Army Crazy Mirror, M. Martí Freixas and Joan Tisminetzki, 2014, 28 min. Video screening.

Attended by Miquel Martí i Freixas i Flor Aliberti

17 May 2015


The Auditorium
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