Cinematographic gadgets

An introduction to analog cinema

Apart from screening select films belonging to Xcèntric’s archives, we’ll be questioning and deciphering the techniques chosen by their authors. This will not just cover the technical aspect, but also a certain degree of the mysticism related to it; something similar to what Dorsky called devotional cinema, where understanding may help lead to conversion. An introductory ceremony based on the mystery of light in order to achieve creative appropriation of its shapes.

Workshop given by Adriana Vila Guevara.







A workshop that takes us through the technical and compositional processes of experimental film by means of a specific approach to its implementation. An introduction to argentic-analogue film, starting with the questioning of perception of a projection and moving on to understanding the prior technical process required to achieve a personal experience with regard to touch and use of their instruments. A sensory encounter with what is tangible behind the screen, device, the subject matter in front of the body in action.

A journey through the past and present of that cinema that was and still is hand-crafted, so that we get to know the different formats (Super 8, Single 8, 16 mm and 35 mm), the various emulsions and their techniques, artisan developing, production methods on camera and moviola, apart from first-hand insight of projection as another creative dimension. Where each participant will be able to make full and free use of a series of essential gadgets.

This workshop is for students, artists of various disciplines, Friends of the CCCB and anyone who is interested in creative filming processes.

Open to anyone from age 18 upwards.

Maximum of 12 participants per session.

Dates: 2nd of February (sold out), 2nd of March (sold out), 6th of April (sold out) and 4th of May (sold out).

Time: 17.30 h - 19.30 h

Cost: free, by prior email application to

All material will be provided by Xcèntric.

2 February, 2 March, 6 April, 4 May 2019


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To participate, send a message to Maximum 12 participants per session.