The eye hears, the ear sees

Xcèntric Archive

Named after the classic film of Fransciska and Stefan Themerson, this second playlist by Jodie Mack documents early experiments in optical sound techniques. A pre-cursor to synthesized sounds, these early explorations inspired sonic practitioners like John Cage – potentially changing the future of experimental sound practice forever!

Norman McLaren:

Pen Point Percussion (1951, 6 min)

Animated Sound Test (1945-55, 3 min)

Workshop Experiments in Animated Sound (1950-55, 5 min)

Lis Rhodes: Dresden Dynamo (1971, 6 min)

Guy Sherwin: At the Academy (1974 4 min 30 s )

Jodie Mack: Let Your Light Shine (2013, 3 min)

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