Luis Macías. Your eyes are spectral machines

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A session devoted to expanded cinema focusing on the filmmaker Luis Macías, introducing his work in Xcèntric for the first time. For this event, he has prepared a programme with three recently created performances linked to musical processes based on the creation/composition of images for their live interpretation.

In his latest expanded cinema pieces, he develops the idea of spectral cinema, where the different processes of film spectrum feature in each creative space. Photochemical manipulation in the laboratory of created and/or suitable images, editing on moviola, transformation and rephotography by means of an optical copier, and the projection as an event… are parts of filmic form which visually composes and interprets, and which organises in closed structures while consciously leaving intervening gaps allowing it – and obligating it – to explore cinematic improvisation and the building of the piece during the actual screening.

His images – and lack of images – explore nature through filmic subject matter, and how this is revealed (to us).

He has put forward three of his latest films for this programme, including the launch of …no puedo ver el sexto sol. In this one several concepts that were developed in previous pieces are hatched.


He will be accompanied by the sound artist Alfredo Costa Monteiro in this spectral journey.



Luis Macías:

Spectral Landscape, 2016, slide projectors, 20 min; The eyes empty and the pupils burning with rage and desire, 2018, 2 × 16 mm, 20 min, silent; No puedo ver el sexto sol, 2019, 4 × 35 mm, slide projectors + 2 × 16 mm projectors, 35 min, 3D

17 January 2019


The Auditorium
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