Ignacio Agüero

Masterclass on documentary film

Ignacio Agüero

The Chilean filmmaker, one of Latin America’s leading documentalists, is giving a master class aimed especially at students and people interested in documentary film.

In a session open to the public, Agüero will be talking about his working process, especially in his latest films, which are half essay and half autobiography.

“For me it is essential always to work with the question ‘what is cinema’? Before filming, during filming and during editing. This attitude means that, in the creation of a work, all possibilities are open and all forms of language are available. I think that increasingly there is no given language, but that language reinvents itself on the basis of tradition, which is already a tradition of breaking away. What the filmmaker does is deploy their own way of approaching this issue.” Ignacio Agüero

Ignacio Agüero’s film Cien niños esperando un tren (One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train, 1988) will be screened at Xcèntric on Sunday 12 March, along with Tire Dié (1960), a work made by students at the Escuela Documental de Santa Fe, supervised by Fernando Birri. This is a session dedicated to exploring the links between cinema and pedagogy by means of two examples that demonstrate the emancipatory capacity of the cinema and the transformative function of social documentary in Latin America.

14 February 2023

18.00 - 20.00

Sala Raval Conference Room
Admission fee
Free admission