Artist and researcher

Mariquiña Díaz

Mariquiña Díaz (1983) is an artist with a degree in Sociology of Culture and Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her work focuses particularly on developing innovative investigative-creative formats based on contemporary methodologies from cultural anthropology, such as autoethnography. She's carried out several ethnographic studies related to identity and territory, such as "Habitando la raya: tras los pasos de identidades fronterizas en Salamanca" (Inhabiting La Raya: in the footsteps of border identities in Salamanca), funded by the Institute of Identities of the regional council of Salamanca, and "El legado del viento: la identidad menorquina y su patrimonio" (The legacy of the wind: the Mallorcan identity and its heritage) funded by the Department of Culture and Heritage of the Island Council of Menorca. In the field of social sciences, she's been working for 3 years with a third sector association on conceptualising and developing social integration projects aimed at groups at risk of exclusion. In the artistic field, she works with audiovisuals. Currently, following her Master's in Performing Arts and Visual Culture from the Reina Sofía Museum, she's now researching how to structure the concept of appearance in visual arts through colour, exploring its relevance both as a source of discovery and in the creation of artistic events within the everyday spaces of cities.

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