Xcèntric Archive "Black Light"

This selection of avant-garde films explores some of the concepts addressed in the exhibition "Black Light. Secret traditions in art since the 1950s" such as the mystic, trance, psychedelia and magic.

"In many cases regarding art as a possible means to a higher cognitive level, as an instrument of connection with a more profound reality, or as a form of knowledge in itself" Enrique Juncosa, curator of "Black Light".


Outer Space, Peter Tscherkassky, Austria 1999 (9’40”)

A horror film about the paranormal is intensively worked in the darkroom to produce a delirious narrative in which the cut film creaks and the soundtrack shrieks.

Fuego en Castilla, Val del Omar, Spain 1960 (17’)

“He who loves, burns, and he who burns, flies at the speed of light.” (Val del Omar)

By means of his tactile lighting of a series of religious sculptures, Val del Omar draws us into an extraordinary mystical experience.

Meshes of the afternoon, Maya Deren, USA 1943 (14’)

A flower, a woman, and a faceless presence, a story with a destructured narrative full of recurrent symbols. Is it a dream or could it be the reflection of the woman’s inner visions?

Breathdeath, Stan Vanderbeek, USA 1963 (15’)

Frenetic rhythms, clippings and surrealist images give way to a wild and wonderful narrative and a reflection on mortality.

Black and White Trypps Number Three, Ben Russell, USA 2007 (11’30”)

Young people at a death metal concert are drawn by the music and the energy around them into a trance ritual.

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