The Art of Vision. The filmmakers investigate the images

Soy Cámara online

Chronicle of the last edition of Aula Xcèntric, dedicated to the relationship between the scientific and the artistic search with the collaboration of specialists and artists such as Gonzalo de Lucas, Celeste Araújo, Andrés Hispano, Dora García, María Ruido, Carles Guerra and Klaus Wyborny. It includes fragments of the work produced in the experimentation workshop with analog and digital technologies, directed by Oriol Sánchez and which formed part of Aula Xcèntric.

Script and production: Carolina López and Aitor Gametxo with the collaboration of Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Gloria Vilches

nd which formed part of Aula Xcèntric.

Language: Spanish

Duration: 16’35’’

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