Del éxtasis al arrebato

A Journey through Spanish Experimental Cinema

2-DVD set designed as a catalogue of this travelling film cycle. DEL ÉXTASIS AL ARREBATO, 50 años del otro cine español A meticulous edition produced jointly by Cameo I, containing a selection of Spanish experimental film, from the 1950s to the present day.

Includes 31 short films: Film Experiencia Nº 1, Fuego en Castilla, Exp.1/I I, Pintura 63, El espectador, La llum, Habitació amb rellotje, Conversa, Ice Cream, Espectro Siete, Travelling, Arriluce, Bloodfilm, Photomatons, A Mal Gam A, Ritmes cromàtics, Brutal Ardour, Boy Meets Girl, Green, Miserere, A escala del hombre, Súper 8, Gioconda / Film, La costra láctea, Farce Sensationelle!, Copy Scream, BiBiCi Story, Paraiso, Arena, Impresiones en la alta atmósfera.

2 DVDs
Total length: 225 minutes
Original version with Spanish and English subtitles
Includes a 150-page book with detailed information about the films.
The extras include interviews with some of the filmmakers. 

Now available in specialist shops and at www.latiendacameo.es.

Directed by: Andrés Hispano and Antoni Pinent
Produced by: Cameo, CCCB, SEACEX and Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación. Dirección de Relaciones Culturales y Científicas, in collaboration with ICIC/Filmoteca de Catalunya