Spaces for creation. Manon de Boer

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In her films, Manon de Boer explores the way in which memory is activated and how she renders it visible by means of the artistic process. Her portraits are introspective narratives in which the image and sound tracks are sensible surfaces that record the pleasure of filming the other, and music and words are regarded as sensorial experiences. This session shows her work by means of four of her most important films, including the presentation of her latest.

Resonating Surfaces is the portrait of a city (Sao Paulo) and a woman (psychoanalyst Suely Rolnik, through the Brazilian dictatorship of the sixties, during which she was imprisoned, and her exile in Paris, where she became friends with Deleuze and Guattari, and frequented the intellectual circles of the seventies). Dissonant and Attica are about dance and music, generating an active interplay of interpretation and memory for the spectator. An Experiment in Leisure is an essay about the conditions of creation: taking excerpts from texts by Marion Milner, and images of artists’ studios and Norwegian seascapes, she reflects on leisure not as an opposite moment to work, but as a time that allows us to perceive and think freely with no immediate objective.

Dissonant, 2010, 10 min; Attica, 2008, 10 min; Resonating Surfaces, 2005, 39 min; An Experiment in Leisure, 2016, 36 min. Video screening.


15 January 2017


The Auditorium
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