Robert Breer

Painter, filmmaker and creator of kinetic sculptures and mutoscopes, Robert Breer has stood out for his experimental animation. Self-taught filmmaker, he created his first pieces driven by his interest for providing his paintings with movement. Bree, an American in Paris, experienced the European avant-gardes and, back in the United States, the underground cinema and Pop Art. Deprived of a conventional narrative, his films included, as time passed by, figurative elements, free traces. This session combines his most outstanding films with three short documentaries about his works.

Form Phases I, Robert Breer. USA, 1952, 2 min, 16 mm
A Man and His Dog Out for Air, Robert Breer. USA, 1957, 3 min, 16 mm
Colliding, Brady Lewis. USA, 1989, 7 min
Jamestown Baloos, Robert Breer. USA, 1957, 6 min, 16 mm
Blazes, Robert Breer. USA, 1961, 3 min, 16 mm
69, Robert Breer. USA, 1968, 5 min, 16 mm
Chez Robert Breer, Jennifer L. Burford. France, 1992, 7 min, 16 mm
LMNO, Robert Breer. USA, 1978, 10 min, 16 mm
Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons, Robert Breer. USA, 1980, 6 min, 16 mm
Trial Balloons, Robert Breer. USA, 1982, 6 min, 16 mm
Sparkill Ave!, Robert Breer. USA, 1993, 5 min, 16 mm
Court-Circuit: Portrait de Robert Breer, Pip Chodorov. 2004, 10 min, video
Time Flies, Robert Breer. USA, 1997, 5 min, 16 mm

29 January 2009
The Auditorium
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