Robert Beavers. The hand outstretched

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My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure is the title of the cycle that brings together 18 films by Robert Beavers, produced between 1967 and 2001. This session presents three films from each of the three parts that make up the cycle, in which the filmmaker works manually, impressing his gestures on both the filming and the editing.

In Early Monthly Segments, Beavers portrays himself and shows his working method by focusing on the cinematographic device. In Work Done he uses metaphor and visual allusion to generate correspondences between filmic procedures and the archetypal forms of artisan work. In AMOR he presents tailoring as a metaphor of the emotions surrounding love, separation and the metonymic twinning of objects.

Early Monthly Segments, 1968-70/2002, 35 mm, silent, 33 min; Work Done, 1972/1999, 35 mm, 22 min; AMOR, 1980, 35 mm, 15 min.

With the presence of Robert Beavers.

11 February 2016


The Auditorium
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