Reynold Reynolds. Dreams and Nightmares

The work of US filmmaker Reynold Reynolds, shown in art galleries and cinemas and at festivals like Sundance, presents characters, especially female ones, trapped in a space that plays as much of a role as they do. His pieces, exquisite creations employing techniques such as pixelation or still-by-still filming of his actors, play with themes associated with surrealism, such as transformation, destruction and decomposition. [Video screening]

Seven Days ‘Til Sunday, Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley, 1998, 8 min.; Secret Life, R. Reynolds, 2008, 10 min.; Secret Machine, R. Reynolds, 2009, 14 min.; Six Easy Pieces, R. Reynolds, 2010, 10 min.; Sugar, R. Reynolds, P. Jolley and Samara Golden, 2005, 33 min.

12 January 2012
The Auditorium
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