Patterns in a Chromatic Field. Hannes Schüpbach

The CCCB's cinema

The films of Hannes Schüpbach interweave light, colour, gesture, and many details of everyday spaces to create highly lyrical images. This session will be attended by the Swiss filmmaker, who will be presenting his films.

The cinema of Hannes Schüpbach aims not to represent the world, but rather, like the geometries of a carpet, to reconstruct and materialize its system of infinite relations. For this Swiss artist and filmmaker, a film is like a carpet in which a series of images unfold, handwoven into a patterned fabric. Taking handicrafts as a model, in his films, figures, motifs and colours enter into a rhythmic but silent system that strikes up multiple correspondences and oppositions. With the presence of Hannes Schüpbach.

Winter Feuer, 2000, 3 min; Toccata, 2002, 28 min; L’atelier, 2007,16 min; Instants, 2012, 16 min; Erzählung, 2007, 40 min. [16 mm screening. All the films are silent.]

17 March 2016


The Auditorium
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