Opening of the 2018 season. Sistiaga + El Petit de Cal Eril Live

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Opening of the 2018 season with the screening of the film Ere erera baleibu izik subua aruaren by the Basque artist Jose Antonio Sistiaga and a live performance by El Petit de Cal Eril.

José Antonio Sistiaga explores the cosmic by means of painting on canvas and on celluloid. His films are unparalleled and enjoy wide international recognition. Ere erera baleibu izik subua aruaren is his masterwork, a full-length film entirely hand painted, frame by frame, on the film support, exciting our retinas in a rich journey that is impressionist, abstract and material. It is a film that has always been silent at the artist’s decision, but which, exceptionally, we will be screening along with the folk- and psychedelic-based music of El Petit de Cal Eril, a highly personal group on the Catalan scene today. Their live performances, full of instrumental, almost mantric passages, also explore the cosmic. Sistiaga and El Petit de Cal Eril share their particular coloristic, rhythmic, sensorial poetics. The group, made up of Joan Pons (vocals and electrical guitar), Ildefons Alonso and Jordi Matas (drums), Dani Comas (bas) and Artur Tort (keyboard), will play a whole new live soundtrack with large doses of improvisation on Sistiaga’s work, fusing their imagination with the indelible images of this great experimental filmmaker.

Ere erera baleibu izik subua aruaren, 1968-1970, Spain, 35 mm, 75 mins.


11 January 2018


Sala Teatre
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4 € / 3 € Concessions

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