North of Blue

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First full-length film by the experimental animation artist Joanna Priestley, inspired by the wintry landscape of the Yukon (Alaska).

North of Blue is a non-narrative exploration portraying the sensation of this landscape with stunning graphics, connecting them to her own baggage and love of art and design. The musical score is by Jamie Haggerty, who has created a suggestive musical design to go with this visual symphony. Priestley trained at the Cal Arts department of experimental animation with Jules Engel, another experimental artist, as her mentor. She has made about twenty shorts which are formal explorations related to her own universe, experiences and feelings. She often combines abstraction with figuration, either using analogic animation techniques or stop motion or, in this case, digital animation.

North of Blue, Joanna Priestley, 2017, 60 min, digital archive.

4 April 2019


The Auditorium
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