Jay Rosenblatt. Lives reinterpreted

Jay Rosenblatt is one of the most prestigious and awarded authors of documentary cinema in the United States. His work mixes archive cinema, newspaper and filmed autobiography, and alternates the dark view with humour. Human Remains and Phantom Limb are Jay's most well-known films: the first starts with domestic images of the private life of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco and Mao, and their confessions in off, to produce a view of the great dictators with a satirical sense; in the second, using a personal tragedy (the death of his brother at the age of seven) he deals with the phenomenon experienced by many people who have suffered amputation. The programme is completed with two emotive short films which the cinema director dedicates to the early years of the life of his daughter.

Human Remains, Jay Rosenblatt. 1998, 30 min, 16 mm
Phantom Limb, Jay Rosenblatt. 2005, 28 min
I Used to Be a Filmmaker, Jay Rosenblatt. 2004, 10 min
I Like it a Lot, Jay Rosenblatt. 2004, 4 min

23 April 2009