Intimate and collective. Jocelyne Saab

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For 40 years, Jocelyne Saab has filmed displaced persons and peoples, in exile, at war, constructing a memory between collective realities and intimate feeling. Her visual political analysis has made its way with inexhaustible courage and strength around Palestine, Vietnam and Iran, and most particularly her country of birth, Lebanon, witnessing their terrible wounds and conflicts, but also their emotion, poetry and energy.

Saab's films remain largely unknown, making this session a great opportunity. It includes what is perhaps her great film, Beyrouth, ma ville, which opens when, under the Israeli occupation of Beirut, the filmmaker’s house is burnt down. “Jocelyne Saab is an immense artist whose only fault seems to be modesty. Her career as a creator is one of the profoundest and most exemplary, because it has its roots in historical violence, multiple forms of participation and resistance, awareness of gestures and of the images that have to be made to document it, think about it and move beyond it.” (Nicole Brenez).

Les Nouveaux croisés d’Orient (ou Portrait d’un mercenaire français), 1975, 16 mm, 10 min; Les Enfants de la guerre, 1976, 16 mm, 12 min; Beyrouth, ma ville, 1982, 16 mm, 36 min; Le Bateau de l’exil, 1982, video, 15 min.

24 January 2016


The Auditorium
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