Häxan. Witchcraft through the Ages

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Häxan. Witchcraft through the Ages is a cult film directed in 1922 by Danish author Benjamin Christensen. At the time he aroused the interest of the Surrealists instantly, and afterwards, of many other artists interested in the occult.

Based on a German manual for 15th century inquisitors, Christensen’s original film presents an array of wild medieval imaginary comprised of devil worshipers, torturers, tomb raiders, possessed nuns and Satan himself, played by the filmmaker. A cross between mockumentary and horror film, not devoid of black humour, the film reviews the history of witchcraft and explores the scientific hypothesis that witches in the Middle Ages suffered from the same hysteria as psychiatric patients in the contemporary age.

Witchcraft through the Ages, Benjamin Christensen, 1922, 90 min. [35mm. screening / VOSE]

27 March 2016


The Auditorium
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