Guided visits to the Xcèntric Archive Autumn 2022

An introduction to experimental cinema

Jan Baeta

We offer guided visits free of charge that work as an introduction to experimental cinema as well as a way to discover the Archive's content. 

Introduction to experimental cinema - October 5
An introductory approach to the history of experimental cinema through which to discover the main milestones, the most influential currents and some of the most radically free filmmakers of this anti-industrial, imperfect, imaginative, sensory and playful cinema.

Experimental animation - October 19

Animation has been a wonderful field for the imagination and experimentation of artists and filmmakers. By investigating new tactics and themes, as well as personal and artisanal research, experimental cinema has reinterpreted the very concept of animation. We propose to revisit some of the most influential and subversive examples of the genre.

A cinema that thinks - October 22 and November 16

If cinema and thought have anything in common, it's the fact that both exist in a continuum: thoughts are triggered in our consciousness, more or less abruptly, just as sound-images are triggered in film. It's therefore not surprising that some filmmakers have engaged with the rhythm of thought, just as some thinkers have articulated thinking in film. In this session we present a selection of films that think. A thought that bursts out of, within and between images, sounds and words, establishing the terrain of the video-essay.

Rebellious and revealed bodies - October 26 and November 5

Behind representation are bodies: bodies that feel, touch and desire. Our audiovisual heritage is full of representations of docile bodies: bodies controlled and transformed by rules - or disciplines - that make the represented body an obedient and useful object. And of rules that subjugate and condition our perspective as spectators. This session brings together a group of films that contain non-docile bodies, bodies that seek new ways of being represented, that attempt to escape from the frameworks and canons to which they are subjected.

5, 19, 22 and 26 October, 5 and 16 November 2022

18.00 - 19.00

Xcèntric Archive

To participate, send a message to indicating the chosen date